Saturday, 24 June 2017

Show Me The Money: Living In A Car And Live The Dream

Christian has such a contagious zeal about travel, you can't help but smile when you read his writings. He employs a whatever-it-takes attitude to make his dreams happen, and I'm sure you'll realise if he can live the dream, then so can you.
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Monday, 19 June 2017

"Remember, in the vast infinity of life, all is perfect, whole, and complete... and so are you." - Louise L. Hay _ Sea kayaking in Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. _ Paddling in this vast, clear body of water stretches one's mind to embrace one's place in nature. We are all one. _ #juneau #alaskalife @traveljuneauak

21 Reasons Why Parents Love Cruising To Hawaii With Carnival

When you work hard every day, all year long you need a really relaxing break. And there’s nothing quite as therapeutic as unwinding on a majestic cruise ship sailing into the sunset towards a dreamy tropical destination. Whilst there was no shortage of fun, family-friendly activities I enjoyed with my kids on-board the Carnival Miracle, I also discovered a bunch of reasons why parents love cruising to Hawaii with Carnival. It’s so much fun being an adult too!
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Monday, 12 June 2017

27 Reasons Why Kids Love Cruising To Hawaii With Carnival

This was my kids 6th open-ocean cruise so they knew the drill. The buffets, the soft service ice-cream dispenser, the hot tubs and of course, kids club. But what exactly is it about cruising with Carnival to Hawaii that children love so much? I asked them, and the answer wasn’t just one or two things… it was 27!
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Sunday, 4 June 2017

54 Photos That Will Make You Want To Cruise To Hawaii

There’s something distinct about Hawaii which captures the imagination unlike any other destination. Join us as we embarked on a fun-filled 15-day cruise to Hawaii with Carnival, departing from Long Beach (Los Angeles) stopping in 6 dreamy destinations: Maui (Kahului), Oahu (Honolulu), Kauai (Nawiliwili), Big Island (Kona & Hilo), and Mexico (Ensanada).
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Friday, 2 June 2017

Thanksgiving On The Road – Home Away From Home in Los Angeles

I like Thanksgiving. Heralding from Australia, I can’t say I’ve got heart-warming childhood memories of family get-togethers on Thanksgiving Day. It was just another normal day Down Under. But there’s something about the spirit of this holiday which transcends cultures and countries. A universal understanding that a grateful heart is a happy one. And this particular day is a perfect time to stop and reflect on the reasons we have to be grateful.
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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How To Travel Without Leaving Your Favourite TV Shows Behind

Find out these nifty gadgets that make it easier than ever before to travel with your favourite TV shows. These were recently road-tested on a camping trip and passed with flying colours. TV will never be the same again.
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How To Make Your Travel Photos Look Amazing In 5 Seconds

Have you ever seen an amazing travel photo and wished you could create something just like that? Learning complex image editing software is not for everyone - it takes considerable time and dedication. I didn’t believe artificial intelligence would be able to match manual image editing… until I tried Photolemur.
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